Full Recovery

The Recovering Person’s Guide to Unleashing Your Inner Power

So You're in Recovery
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It’s no wonder the best-selling, how-to book Full Recovery has become a go-to resource for both those in recovery and treatment professionals alike. Brian McAlister’s personal journey from nomadic drug-addicted biker to successful entrepreneur and businessman is more than inspirational. But that’s just a small part of Brian’s story in personal growth and self help.  Husband, father, entrepreneur and author, Brian subscribes to the spiritual axiom that “With faith and action, all things are possible.”

Full Recovery

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“Addiction of any kind is the opposite of freedom and in no way resembles abundant living. It is a habit rooted in self-deception and fear. Addiction occupies your focus and hijacks your consciousness. It deludes you into believing you can deceive yourself and others. Duplicity promotes anxiety and fear that mutates into depression and guilt. Addiction interferes with your creative impulses. It prohibits you from being able to organize your good ideas in any meaningful way. You are unable to stay productive or exercise any rational choice regarding your actions or enterprise because your focus is constantly being drawn away from your dreams and toward your addiction.”

What Professionals are Saying About Full Recovery

“One of the best how-to books I have read in a long time. This book abounds with information and exercises to live a more abundant life. With Brian’s advice, you can’t miss.”

Frederick T. Reihl
CEO, Freedom House, drug and alcohol treatment center


“I have read many books over the years, none as captivating as Full Recovery. Brian designs a road map to a more satisfying life once abstinence from drugs and alcohol is achieved. Far too often we hear, ‘now what do I do?’ The challenge of building a life that reflects our spiritual principles requires a daily commitment to push ourselves into places we would not normally choose on our own. Perhaps the most compelling message in Brian’s book is that anything is possible if you are willing to work for it and have faith in the process.”

Michael Bizzarro, PhD, LCSW, BCD
Director, Clinical Services for First Responders at Princeton House Behavioral Health


Full Recovery is a valuable book not only for those in recovery, but also for those looking to grow toward their full potential. This book fills a void in recovery literature specifically addressing life after getting sober. Recovery principles and spiritual concepts are effectively integrated into a framework for readers to apply to their career, relationships, and spirituality. Through real-life examples and action plans, Full Recovery inspires readers to use challenges and adversity as sources of motivation toward creating a productive, meaningful, and successful life. “

Sarah Allen Benton, MS, LMHC
Therapist at Harvard Medical School’s McLean Residence at The Brook, Waltham, Massachusetts, Author of Understanding the High-Functioning Alcoholic


Full Recovery is a must-have resource not only for anyone who wishes to deal with addiction, but also anyone who wishes to live a full, abundant, and amazing life. Brian McAlister’s personal story will inspire those who think they’re ‘too far gone’ to keep going and know that there is hope.”

Melissa Bradley, MS, NCC, BCETS, FAAETS
Psychotherapy and international clinical trainer on resilience and healing

Brian McAlister’s how-to book Full Recovery is a journey through personal growth and self help which continues to please its’ readers while providing unparalleled bits of actionable wisdom.  


California Book Watch Review

Plenty of recovery-oriented books discuss the basics of how to get sober, but few take the next step: how to live a meaningful life once sobriety is achieved. One might think that this would be the easier part of the equation: actually, it’s not, and Full Recovery demonstrates that in fact many ‘recoveries’ from substance abuse don’t complete the process to achieve real resolution.

If this all sounds idealistic, be advised that author Brian McAlister has achieved extraordinary, real-life results from his Full Recovery Wellness Center in New Jersey, which holds a powerful record of long-term recovery from addictions largely because its programs focus on helping addicts with all aspects of their lives, from jobs and relationships to finances and fitness. Most similar-sounding programs focus on psychological insights and approaches and leave out some of the social factors that can differentiate a full recovery from one who is perpetually on the road to success without ever quite arriving at the goal.


Editor, California Book Watch

The Best Relapse Prevention is Personal Fulfillment

I actually heard about Full Recovery through the grapevine at 12-Step meetings.. A few people in the room had set-up study a group to go through the Full Recovery program on a weekly basis (like a Bible Study Group). Hearing this kind of buzz definitely piqued my interest, so I bought a copy to see what it was all about.

First off... It was not what I was expecting... This book is a great read for anybody who wants more out of life... Not just alcoholics and addicts(though it speaks to those in recovery directly)... The way the program is designed is very effective. It starts off by providing a system for examining where your life is and how it got there, which makes the program unique to each person. Then it provides psychologically rooted questions, that gets to the root why you directed your life in that way. Once you see where you are, it provides a clear road map for moving forwarded, except this time you are armed with your own personal keys to unlocking your new potential in sobriety... The last part of the program provides real world practical action steps on how to immediately relaunch your life based on your own new self-realized goals, dreams, and personal strengths.

A Must Read

I am an addiction specialist, always looking to find reading material to augment my work with clients. It wasn't until I read this book did I felt complete in my search. This is a MUST READ for all helping professionals, for those in recovery, for family member's of addicts OR for anyone looking to find direction in their path to CHANGE. I read this to help me with my clients battling addiction. To my surprise, I have found so much relatable information that I am now recommending this book to all my clients, not just those in recovery. Brian McCalister, thank you for sharing your wisdom and helping others!