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  1. Elisa Marie Isaksen
    August 16, 2017 @ 1:38 am

    I am encouraged to find this Blog. I do not know what took me so long! Perhaps I needed to have the soil of my heart prepared and cultivated with preliminary nutrients before taking in these seeds of hope and inspiration. I know now that I can come to this blog and be nourished with sound insights and understanding to enrich my own spiritual quest.

    One of the first things I harvested from this specific entry is the “breaking of shame” and removing the burdensome cloak called the “Code of Silence” and the others that hang in that same closet: the Rule of Denial, the Rule of Isolation, and the Rule of Rigidity.

    I am grateful for the opportunity to have heard you share at “Red Door” on Monday. I have listened to you speak about your experiences, elsewhere, but in a different format of gathering. How awesome to have the opportunity to hear your story in more detail with your having come to visit our group. Hearing you and Bill “Uncle Kim” W. really did bring tears to my eyes just knowing the Truth of the matter that you are a Miracle, and so is he no doubt, and how you have come a long, long way from where you were when the journey started. It spoke volumes to me how your reaching out to someone in mentorship became such a turning point for a seemingly hopeless man whose life is now incredibly transformed as a result of that intimate investment: seeing his true potential and meeting him where he was at, but not leaving him there. You have given me inspiration and motivation to step up to the next level in my own dream building that I hope will bring that same level of influence I experienced listening to you to those whose paths will cross with mine by that Divine Orchestration I so believe is behind my getting to meet some of the people I do in life. Continued Blessings be yours as you step out doing what you do best: being awesome through gratitude, and faith with action. Peace. Your fellow traveler, Elisa


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